Artiest Caleb Mak

Songtitle The Joker

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Alright now call me the Joker 
More like Cassanova, or Hova
Cuz when im on the mic dude its over
The say im off the chain im more like off the meter
The leader I get these girls wet like Aquafina
Now stop forget all the lies and the rumors
Haters mad cuz im on they mind like a tumor
Fo real I stay on that 808 like Kanye
Game is like BK cause I get it my way
Fast like lightning, flows exciting
Stay on my cake like icing, bite me
I might be the best musician that ever done it
I run it Iike Usian Bolt im cold like
Ive been buried in the snow with my damn shirt off
Done killin these fools DJ cut the verse off

*voice over*
Whatcha doin man? You cant end a verse like that
You got mouth speed, you got crouds to please
You got one more verse baby 
Just do it for me, im the DJ
Its your boy B.E in the buildin and i wanna hear you scream 1 more 
Lets go Joker lets go