Artiest Lakshmi

Songtitle I'll Be On My Way

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Sometimes I got to do what’s only good for me. Yeah me
Eyes are piercing through my back, you don’t know I see
Yeah eah, Yeah eah. Get the fuck out of my way
Yeah eah, Yeah eah. You know I'm here to stay

Fly faster than the plains up high
I could swim a million miles
Shine brighter than the stars will try
I ‘ll be on my way
Travel in my time machine
Working hard to nail my dreams
Passion in my bloodstream
I’ll be on my way

[Verse 2]
Some say I’m quite obsessed but that’s how I become the best
Got my bulletproof vest and my soldiers on the crow’s nest
Standing in the ring, beated black and blue like you
Stand up, jump high, having the time of my life
Yeah eah Yeah eah. So much hours in a day
Yeah eah Yeah eah. You waste your life away