Artiest Matt Champion

Songtitle Burn

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She been getting high all summer
Think I'm falling for her, falling for her
Party girl got the drugs on her, drugs on her
Going both, so the girls on her, girls on her
Got your marmalade sweater with the violet hue
Why I feel alone when I'm with you?
Why I give a fuck if I ain't got you?
When we paint the sky, it's always blue
Pill poppin' under palm trees, [?]
Got a purple coconut in the sunset
Oh ooh, you're a little raunchy, mami
I know why they wanna make it rain on you
Umbrella through summer, make it rain on you
Call me just to tell me, yeah, you hate me, I know
Name sound like something
You pop at a show
I just want us to be alone

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