Artiest N- DUBZ

Songtitle Living For The Moment

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Life's a bitch and then you die If you don't care then why should I Throwing both my hands up to the sky, I'm letting go Right now I'm just living for the moment
 Living for the moment (woah i) [x4]
From when I was youngerMy pain was driven by hungerNo-one could tell my nuffinTo save me from going underMy mama cried to me told meYou should get your grave dug up the way you act in the winter,You won't be here by the summer
When my papa was aliveI'd never listen so naIf I could I'd switch places with himTo show him i miss him all the plans we discussedIn the kitchen might As well call me tom call him cruisebaby we on a mission
Lies a bitch, Til you marry one.You Have a kid of two then You carry on

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