T.A.T.u Not Gonna Get Us 07-09-2010
T.A.T.u Sacrifice 25-12-2011
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T.a.t.u. All The Things She Said 02-12-2010
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T.i Castle Walls 02-01-2011
T.I Dead And Gone 18-03-2010
T.I Gat Your Back 01-01-2011
T.I Get Back Up 10-11-2010
T.i Got Your Back 02-09-2010
T.i No Mediocre 10-02-2015
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T.I Feat Rihanna Live Your Life 17-10-2010
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T.I. 'whatever You Like 07-02-2011
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T.I. Go Get It 30-10-2012
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T.I. Live Your Life 30-05-2012
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T.I. Whatever You Like 30-03-2010
T.I. - Ft. Keri Hilson Got Your Back 26-09-2011
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T.O.K Footprints 13-01-2010
T.O.K Money To Burn 30-04-2010
T.Rex Ride A White Swan 03-04-2015
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